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Who Can Attend This Seminar?

This seminar was designed for salespeople whose prospects have a difficult time making a buying decision. Eliminate the procrastination and be selling with confidence. If you are new to sales and you feel you may be coming across as lacking self-confidence, or if you wish to become more dynamic and passionate in your sales presentation, this seminar is for you.

Why Should You Enroll In This Seminar?

Confidence and enthusiasm are FREE! If you are not using both of these qualities in your sales presentations, you are short-changing your prospects. If you are really serious about closing clients and making them feel great about buying from you, you’ll want to take this powerful sales seminar.

What Will You Learn In This Seminar?

I’ll show you a 6-step formula that will ensure that you are selling you prospect the right product or service. They will know that you made sure they bought what they wanted for the right reasons. You will be practicing this easy formula right in the seminar so you will be well honed by the time you leave.

Seminar Curriculum

  • 01

    Anyone Can Sell III: How to Close a Sale in 10 Minutes or Less!

    • Introduction and Dave's Intro Stories

    • Exercise of Examples of Selling with Confidence and Enthusiasm

    • The Ultimate Success Formula for Closing a Sale in 10 Minutes or Less

    • Bonus Live Track Can All Sales Be Closed in 10 Minutes or Less

    • The Psychology of Confidence and Enthusiasm (part 1)

    • The Psychology of Confidence and Enthusiasm (part 2)

    • How to Stockpile Your Confidence and Enthusiasm

    • Bonus Live Track of Refined Sales Presentations

    • 8 Great Ways to Convey Enthusiasm

    • 8 Great Ways to Convey Confidence

    • 4 Essential Ingredients For Lifelong Confidence and Enthusiasm (1)

    • 4 Essential Ingredients For Lifelong Confidence and Enthusiasm (2-3)

    • 4 Essential Ingredients For Lifelong Confidence and Enthusiasm (4) and Conclusion

Key Takeaways

  • Close Sales Faster and Keep Them Closed.

  • Speed Up Your Sales Cycle.

  • Get More "Yeses".

Instructor Bio:

Get to Know Your Instructor for this Seminar

Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Dave Romeo

University Founder & President


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Brett Murray

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