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At Dave Romeo Online University we offer a variety of ways to reach your business goals. Read below to see which best suits your needs.

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If you are looking for a specific skill or trait to learn or improve upon, enroll in one of our many courses for a one-time payment at a cost much lower than the courses potential return on investment.

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Use this section to explain to potential students the value of your offering. Great copy shows your audience how their life might look after working with you. Start by identifying the problem you're solving. Next, present how their life will be different with the solution you’re providing. Finally, explain why you’re uniquely positioned to provide this solution.


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If your goal is to become a master in your industry sign up for one of our many affordable subscription plans. You'll have instant access to all Classic Courses as well as new content when released! Certain subscriptions offer Personal Coaching plans giving you 1 on 1 time with the people behind the content.

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At the Dave Romeo Online University we have multiple instructors who are all focused on YOUR success. They strive to help entrepreneurs gain knowledge, credibility, and experience in their industries. When enrolled in any Dave Romeo Online University course you will gain access to a community of instructors, mentors, and other entrepreneurs with similar ambitions. Get started today to become a part of a community focused on YOUR success.

Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Dave Romeo

University Founder & President

John Ellis is the founder and CEO of Create Socially. He has a background seasoned with military team training and nonprofit management, as well as a masters degree focused on leadership from Lancaster Bible College. He has put these skills to work helping to grow numerous small to medium sized businesses throughout the US and has also applied these same strategies to his own consulting business.

John Ellis

Dean of Romeo Online University

Results, Results, Results

Real Results from Real People

“When I was putting my resume back together - I reviewed all of the courses that I took from you. I appreciate how you help your clients to be organized with your notes - since I have kept everything in my white binder! I have really taken some great courses with you which have really helped me with my personal/business development. Thank you for providing unique and applicable training opportunities!”

Jennie Weinhold

“My husband and son took your Sales Academy last fall. Since we just opened our insurance agency, my husband Tony wanted me to take it as well, even though my background has been in the medical field. This was all very new to me. As an inexperienced salesperson, I felt like fish out of water when I came to the art. However, after employing just a few of the tidbits of wisdom you imparted, I now a sense of direction, accomplishment, and the confidence to move forward in this endeavor. I will remember to always start my day with the closest thing to money. I have even employed the goal setting instructions you taught us in order to lose 4 pounds since the beginning of the class. What your class contains is extremely valuable and just what I needed. It was definitely worth the money and the time investment. I would recommend the Sales Academy to anyone who is wandering aimlessly through their sales journey.”

Sue Acri

“I took Dave Romeo's Sales Academy in the fall of 2012. I found the training to be an excellent refinement to my existing sales knowledge in an up-close and personal setting. With the techniques and knowledge that I gained by taking the Sales Academy, I moved into my dream job five months after I graduated. I am also pleased to say that in March of 2014, I landed my first (ever) Multi-Million Dollar international account. I accomplished this by committing to my commitments, being super-responsive, always starting with the closest thing to the money, and using many of the other valuable techniques that you will learn in the Sales Academy. I have no doubt that if you use these techniques, you too will find true success. Thanks Dave!”

Nate Serino

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  • How do I subscribe to the Dave Romeo Online University?

    Click the 'SUBSCRIBE' tab at the top of the webpage. There, you will find different subscription plans based on your businesses wants and needs.

  • Are in-person seminars available?

    Yes, if you are interested in having a seminar hosted at your place of business, please send us an email to discuss.

  • Is a subscription necessary to view seminars?

    No, while there is a variety of free content available, you are able to purchase individual seminars without a subscription. For the best value and experience, subscribe to the Franchise topics of your choice.

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At Dave Romeo Online University we offer mentors, instructors and business owners the opportunity to host their content here. If you are a mentor or instructor wanting to reach a larger audience or a business owner wanting your employees to complete specific courses, one of our Custom Content Plans will be perfect for you. Enter your information below to speak to a representative from our team about a perfect plan for you.

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