Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

    • Dwight Smith's Sales Academy Testimonial
    • Sales Academy Class Testimonials
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    Chapter #1

    • 1-Become one with your customer
    • 2-Dave Romeo's goal for you
    • 3-Why business owners love salespeople with expensive hobbies
    • 4-How to achieve telephone sales mastery-Creating your Ultimate Success Formula
    • 5-The 4 keys to top sales performance
    • 6-The top 15 beliefs of top salespeople
    • 7-How to get appointments with decision-makers (Part I)
    • 8-Learning the Ultimate Service Provider mindset
    • 9-The top 11 success formulas for top salespeople-Mastering your Ultimate Success Formula
    • 10-The top 15 steps for mental preparation and body language of top salespeople
    • 11-Learning how to use the only 4 benefits people buy
    • 12-The top 15 strategies for successful phone sales
    • 13-Wrapping up with some lessons about dealing with failure
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    Chapter #2

    • 1-Why you should always ask for the order
    • 2-Reviewing your organized sales professional checklist
    • 3-Improving your telephone sales calls results
    • 4-Putting goalsetting to work on your sales results
    • 5-Asking for the order in your own words
    • 6-How to get appointments with decision-makers (Part II)
    • 7-Dave Romeo demonstrates his Ultimate Success Formula for selling seminars
    • 8-Learn what 1% of your sales looks like
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    Chapter #3

    • 1-How to dress for success-Tracking your sales call results-Becoming The Ultimate Service Provider
    • 2-Becoming the Ultimate Service Provider-Case study of Dave Romeo Seminars
    • 3-How to create the mindset of an Ultimate Service Provider
    • 4- Why we should pray for problems
    • 5-How to get the world's best testimonials
    • 6-How much diligent commitment is too much
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    Chapter 4

    • 1-Reviewing great testimonials-Reviewing Ultimate Success Formulas and their benefits
    • 2-How to regain your focus (Part I)-Understanding your critical number ratios
    • 3-How to regain your focus (Part II)
    • 4-How to break a downward spiral-Searching for pearls
    • 5-Learning about the story that never changes-Dave Romeo demonstrates his story that never changes
    • 6-Power statements for mastering sales confidence
    • 7-Wrapping up with a story about great news
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    Chapter 5

    • 1-Reviewing the story that never changes-How to get to the front of the buffet line of life
    • 2-How to stay organized using a sales activity barometer
    • 3-The water bucket demonstration-Never take your customers for granted-Developing a slump-proof mindset(Part I)
    • 4-Developing a slump-proof mindset
    • 5-Thoroughly penetrate your accounts-Validate from beginning to end
    • 6-Keeping your pipeline filled
    • 7-Knowing why your prospects will buy from you
    • 8-How to consistently deliver great performance
    • 9-5 great ways to find overlooked sales
    • 10-How to stay on track for continued success
    • 11-Sales Academy final review and inspirational message by Paul Kohler
    • 12-Sales Academy conclusion
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    Thank You

    • Thank You!