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Sales can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Take this course on your own time to master your sales techniques.

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Who Can Attend The Sales Academy?

This series is for people who are serious about being successful, or significantly more successful, in sales. Beginners love it and veterans sharpen their skills. This is perfect for those who want to sell with greater sales confidence.

Why Should You Enroll In The Sales Academy?

Find out what the #1 salespeople in all different industries (including yours) are doing and how you can do the same. You will also learn how to overcome your biggest challenge in the sales process. You will be closing more sales and bigger sales.

What Will You Learn In The Sales Academy?

Learn 15 different ways to differentiate what you sell. Develop your Ultimate Success Formula for selling. Perfect your story that never changes. Improve your organizational and communication skills.

Academy Curriculum

This academy is a 5 part series.

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Dwight Smith's Sales Academy Testimonial

    • Sales Academy Class Testimonials

  • 02

    Chapter #1

    • Part 1 -Sales Academy - Professional Phone Sales

    • 1-Become one with your customer

    • 2-Dave Romeo's goal for you

    • 3-Why business owners love salespeople with expensive hobbies

    • 4-How to achieve telephone sales mastery-Creating your Ultimate Success Formula

    • 5-The 4 keys to top sales performance

    • 6-The top 15 beliefs of top salespeople

    • 7-How to get appointments with decision-makers (Part I)

    • 8-Learning the Ultimate Service Provider mindset

    • 9-The top 11 success formulas for top salespeople-Mastering your Ultimate Success Formula

    • 10-The top 15 steps for mental preparation and body language of top salespeople

    • 11-Learning how to use the only 4 benefits people buy

    • 12-The top 15 strategies for successful phone sales

    • 13-Wrapping up with some lessons about dealing with failure

  • 03

    Chapter #2

    • Part 2 - Sales Academy - The Organized Sales Professional

    • 1-Why you should always ask for the order

    • 2-Reviewing your organized sales professional checklist

    • 3-Improving your telephone sales calls results

    • 4-Putting goalsetting to work on your sales results

    • 5-Asking for the order in your own words

    • 6-How to get appointments with decision-makers (Part II)

    • 7-Dave Romeo demonstrates his Ultimate Success Formula for selling seminars

    • 8-Learn what 1% of your sales looks like

  • 04

    Chapter #3

    • Part 3 - Sales Academy - Becoming the Ultimate Sales Professional

    • 1-How to dress for success-Tracking your sales call results-Becoming The Ultimate Service Provider

    • 2-Becoming the Ultimate Service Provider-Case study of Dave Romeo Seminars

    • 3-How to create the mindset of an Ultimate Service Provider

    • 4- Why we should pray for problems

    • 5-How to get the world's best testimonials

    • 6-How much diligent commitment is too much

  • 05

    Chapter #4

    • Part 4 - Sales Academy - Regaining Your Focus

    • 1-Reviewing great testimonials-Reviewing Ultimate Success Formulas and their benefits

    • 2-How to regain your focus (Part I)-Understanding your critical number ratios

    • 3-How to regain your focus (Part II)

    • 4-How to break a downward spiral-Searching for pearls

    • 5-Learning about the story that never changes-Dave Romeo demonstrates his story that never changes

    • 6-Power statements for mastering sales confidence

    • 7-Wrapping up with a story about great news

  • 06

    Chapter #5

    • Part 5 - Sales Academy - Slump Proof

    • 1-Reviewing the story that never changes-How to get to the front of the buffet line of life

    • 2-How to stay organized using a sales activity barometer

    • 3-The water bucket demonstration-Never take your customers for granted-Developing a slump-proof mindset(Part I)

    • 4-Developing a slump-proof mindset

    • 5-Thoroughly penetrate your accounts-Validate from beginning to end

    • 6-Keeping your pipeline filled

    • 7-Knowing why your prospects will buy from you

    • 8-How to consistently deliver great performance

    • 9-5 great ways to find overlooked sales

    • 10-How to stay on track for continued success

    • 11-Sales Academy final review and inspirational message by Paul Kohler

    • 12-Sales Academy conclusion

  • 07

    Thank You

    • Thank You!

Key Takeaways

  • Become the Ultimate Service Provider for Your Customers.

  • Difficult Sales Made Easy.

  • Increase Your Current Sales Level By 50% in One Year.

Instructor Bio:

Get to Know Your Instructor for this Academy

Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Dave Romeo

University Founder & President


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“Within one month of taking the Sales Academy, I closed my first two sales totaling more than $150,000!”


Terry Cutshaw

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